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The experienced singer Lance King has appeared in a great many bands during his career, and now the time has come to a solo album - namely "A Moment in Chiro".

The style is progressive power metal a la a mixture of Anubis Gate and Queensryche (back then they were more interesting) and is actually quite successful. The music is tight and has some groove and lots of audio layer, and a certain dynamism, but never so whimsical, that you can not keep up. There flirt around with keyboards and electronic items now and then but it actually fits very well into the very melodic sound.

Although they are sophisticated and progressive music is made, however, a portion of catchy tunes - and especially choruses pages right in the bull's eye. Lance King's voice slightly reminiscent of Geoff Tate at times - but also some unique, and the way he delivers vocals on (with plenty of clarity and power) are intended to make the tunes on the disc even more captivating.

In addition, the drum played pricist like clockwork, and every charge blow struck to the letter, and guitar solo are nothing less than virtuøse. Unfortunately fills the bass is not so much in the soundstage, but it serves its purpose.

Fans of progressive metal and progressive power metal along Queensryche, Artizan, Anubis Gate and Pyramaze can safely check this disc out and enjoy the sleek and sophisticated melodic music.

Source: http://www.heavymetal.dk/releases_view.php?id=4550

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