Sea of Tranquility - 5/5

Lance King is one of the chosen few who was given a vocal ability that makes you believe in a higher power. A voice like his is something to just crank up to full volume and enjoy as he has the capability to take it to any level necessary to project what he is trying to say. Best known as the lead singer for Avian and Pyramaze among others, he has finally decided to give us his own disc of solo material and A Moment In Chiros only emphasizes the fact that he is one of the best metal singers on the planet.

Now on to the album...Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and found the clock at 11:11? There is a theory called of all things the 11:11 phenomena which is said to be a wake up call from the 1111 angels or guardians called Midwayers that are out there protecting us. It is a subtle reminder that they are there watching out for us all. This is the concept that King brings to us. An amazing array of power metal music with a spiritual meaning behind it. In the hands of a talent such as Lance it becomes a mesmerizing tale that will have you looking up at any time piece and wondering just why you decided to look at that precise moment which will undoubtedly be 11:11.

With "A Sense of Urgency" Lance King unleashes upon the listener this mind boggling ode. Rich and lush orchestration helps build to climatic moment when King starts his tale. With a dramatic flair he begins to reel in the listener with a symphonic metal approach that is stunning. As an opening piece, this is one that sets the stage for what you are about to receive.

Dramatic is the key word for this album. Each chapter of the story has it's own sense of melodrama. The Gothic beginning to "Awakening" sets the tone but soars and builds to an epic conclusion. "Manifest Destiny" is a much harsher musical statement but just as dynamic. "A Given Choice" is a power metal showcase that centers around the vocal ability of King. The title track "A Moment in Chiros" pushes into the progressive metel genre with spectacular results. From there you get moments of brutality and beauty with "Dance of Power" and a tender interlude that highlights the crooner King with the song "Kibou".

With the song "Infinity Divine" Lance King utterly manufactures an almost perfect example of what progressive metal is suppose to sound and feel like. This is a master applying his craft and I feel lucky just to have the chance to hear it. "Infinity Divine" is as good as it gets. Well, that is until you get to hear the last three cuts off the album!

Fans of Redemption, Dream Theater or Masterplan rejoice! Here is a disc that takes all that you love about those bands and puts them into one package!! This one could be my pick of album of the year. It is that good and easily a must have disc for anyone who loves progressive metal. It is an intoxicating album that will be one that you have problems taking out of the player. It just begs you to hit the repeat button again and again.

A couple other things about the disc. First off you will see that the song tracks are numbered according to the concept of the album. Lastly King has championed the cause of Human Trafficking or sex slavery as the target with which he wishes to help abolish with the proceeds of this album. It is a worthwhile cause and one I hope he can help with!

Reviewer: Scott Ward - November 6, 2011


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